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Need a treat to guarantee your dog will come back to you fast – time after time? May we recommend some strong smelling fish!  

Fish4Dogs specialise in a range of healthy natural food and treats for dogs made from fish providing the correct energy levels to enjoy a walk and healthy enough to satisfy even the most demanding of your clients.

Dogs adore the taste of Fish4Dogs - With up to 60 times more scent glands, than humans, the aroma of food and treats is a key part of palatability for dogs. With its high fish content, no bland fillers and the stronger aromas of fish, dogs go wild for Fish4Dogs.

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Treats were voted ‘Best Treat’ for the 3rd year running by Your Magazine.  Fish4Dogs treats are low calorie, natural, and contain no artificial additives, just the goodness of fish – a guilt free indulgence.  Fish4Dogs treats particularly Super Star Training Treats or Sea Jerky Tiddlers are ideal when out dog walking as they are small, healthy and dogs love the taste.

Fish4Dogs Complete Foods are grain free and use potato and pea as the carbohydrate providing a food that has a balanced GI and one that is less likely to cause dietary sensitivity.  Some of our Cruft winners have been known to use Fish4Dogs Kibble or treats in the show ring to help keep the dog’s attention and focused.

Owners love the healthiness of Fish4Dogs Food and treats:
• High levels of single source high quality protein
• Fish4Dogs Complete food is grain free.  By using Potato and Pea as our carbohydrate we can ensure the dog is getting a balanced GI and doing so with low sensitivity carbohydrates.
• Rich in marine sourced Omega 3
• No artificial colourings or preservatives and no unnecessary fillers.
• Owners can see how healthy our food is with improvements to coat condition and the mobility of their dogs after a short time on our foods.
•Fish4Dogs Treats are low calorie, natural and award winning with no artificial additives, just the goodness of fish, allowing the owners guilt free indulgence of their pets.

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